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All in all it was a beautiful wedding:

A glowing red patch of love between my shoulder blades,

A wheel of cheese spinning in my heart,

Two trains shooting up and down my legs between the pelvic and toe stations.

There’s a concert mini-festival on the palms of my hands that will start at 5 o’clock: white table-clothed high tables, red carpets: a very festive atmosphere. Let’s take a cable car from my fingertips up into my mouth, to visit The Big Smile. It’s a very popular and highly recommended tourist destination. That’s just a step and a hop away from the moons of my eyes, where we can sit and have a late dinner under the crescent’s glowing light. This is a romantic occasion, you may say, I will smile and nod in silent agreement, and we will sit there, writing and weaving into the patchwork blanket a small story that no one but us, and the quiet of the night, will know about. My freckles pulsate like stars in the sky, my body a red wardrobe of stories to be invented and retold,

I want to ski down into my lower stomach where there is a green clover party to lie in and sleep, under the sleepy summer sun. Take me to the yellow and pink and light blue golden afternoon, when the sun paints its melodies in the high mountains and I am a mere observer of its pastel rainbow beauties, eating its pinks like berries smearing onto my cheeks and around my mouth, gulping it in–

It sounds like you’re nourishing yourself, said the therapist,

I smiled from ear to ear,

My inner clovers dancing along in excitement:

Celebrating with me.

Embody this feeling, said father,

Remember the WOW in your body,

So when the unknown feels like a dark stormy sea, you can calm yourself back to still waters,

To that sense of oooooh




I deserve these wonderful strawberries




Decorating my mouth my cheeks my body like gemstones

Dancing on my insides like tasty fireworks

I am

I am

I am

Nourishing myself with pink and purple love.

4 clovers

A line of clovers

One- two- three- four:

All aligned and joined together with by invisible pink thread.

One after the other,

One after the other,

One after the other,

Connect the dots,

Collect ‘em all:

A line of clovers





A line of clovers





dancing in fields are winking at me

A line of clovers covered in round drops of dew

Are shaking their hips,

Calling toward me

Hey you,

You over there with the brown hair

Yes you

Join our team

Join our Hoola dancing girls dancing in time with the waves

Bobbing along with the sun beams

Join our fun

4 clovers smile at me with green blushing cheeks

Gesturing an all clear toward me-

Like a landing strip, a beaming glidescope

Telling my plane it’s safe to land,

UnRolling the red carpet before my glittery feet


Follow a visual path into a pink flowerbed

Where my ankles know what to do

For I too am a purple flower

Dancing on the psychedelic grass

Creating small miracles.

SIVAN LAVIE (b. 1992) is a visual artist and poet based in Tel Aviv. Sivan is interested in color, abstraction, spirituality, the body, love, the power of words and meditation. She believes we are here to heal and feel the big colorful moving weirdness of the universe. Sivan obtained a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Art and Science, and an MFA in Fine Art. She has had solo shows in Gepaeckausgabe in Glarus, Switzerland, in Tel Aviv in Magasin III Jaffa Bookstore, The Central Bus Station, The Red House, and in London at Mallord’s Telephone Exchange. She performed poetic lectures and readings at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Gepaeckausgabe, Switzerland, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, The Zimmer, Tel Aviv, and online with Cuneiform Press and Homecooking. She’s self published an affirmation sticker book and a self-help spiritual guide. She’s published poetry in Care Where zine and Beepy Bella’s Fairytale book. She has an album of readings in collaboration with electronic musician Nicolette Hsu soon to be released.

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