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The doctor asks the baby if she has a knife

The baby looks at the knife and says it means life

The doctor asks how old she is

The baby says she's been seven

She lays her head back on the pillow

Closes her eyes and dreams

The baby dreams, who's a daddy?

The doctor says a daddy is life

Lord, I think I've lost

You put something everywhere that I can't find anywhere

The meat grows on farms like trees

Mother's so stoned she can't sing

Graphic design gives letters character

Tarot there, Tarot here, Tarot in the horse's rear

Sure, I have children

My name is German Johnson

I live in Adelhoff

My street is Adelhoff

My numbers are 7633

The neighbors are Ingrid and Friedel

Sun is westerly, like yours

A river? Like yours, a crevice through the land

Fried eggs? Yes sir I am a leader, a patient reader

I have thin bones and connections

I have lost friends

I have addictions that I have overcome

Yes, I have heard of him

Night time is the right time we used to say

Days of packs n packs when your friend dies

You must announce closeness

To do otherwise would be othersome

-Snake batter, I love you

-Why don't we dare meet?

-'Tis privilege, meine shøne

-Ass Alley. Tell me the truth

-The truth is

Can't find 'em. Hurts me too. Hurts me lots. That I travel and travel, lose and lose, soldered my nickels rubbing them together. Now I do things in ones. So that's changed. I also have a heart-wired pivotal-moral boy who comes with me. Yes. "Monster." Needs night.

BARBARA TWAY is an apprentice electrician who lives in Köln.

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