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fire shooting

from the ocean floor

blocks the view

from here. the alps

hanging from a calendar

on the wall are

either airbrushed or


the mechanic standard

of an algebra equation

is enough for me to get

in and out at the bank in

under five minutes,

cash in hand. the screen-

play writes itself.

brunch mountain erupts

and the biblical mice

grab while the grabbing’s

this side of elitism.

what now, we say standing

in line, waiting for them

to hand over the black

coffee, with no room,

and exit through the alley.

using best Robert Mitchum voice:

they played dominoes by the

bougainvilleas—a plant named

after a French explorer, I remember.

or was he a naturalist?

either way,

the one who needed winning, lost.

what can you say?

some times the numbers

put up against you.

FERNANDO A. FLORES is the author of Tears of the Trufflepig and Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas.

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