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Bera Bera, light this then hand it to me

Shera Shera, bring well water to fill my cup

Sarah Sarah, your craters will care for children one day

Darah Darah, your hills are the mountains I climb

A small paragraph told me

The drilling would take care of your kids some day

The hills circle circuit is your kind

my Daytimes spent seeking asylum

your body aches just looking at mine

all the beautiful ones

are soldiers from the front

from their backs and behind mine

their pinkies linked in secrets and time

valleys filled to the brim

their bodies ache just like mine


Hey you, my light, my light

Give me give me give me love

I took took the ice from your mother

I took your mother to the ice

Frost that breathed and bit my tongue

Began breathing frost, started biting my tongue

I sat down to sit, I wrote without thinking

O light of light, and I stepped in front of the lights

until the lights went out in front

Hey Black Black are the days when they do not see you

Black are the days when you can not see me too

Hey black, dark days have not seen you

Black are the days you can not see for two

I'm like the sweet dates in your cake

From myself to myself I dance

Give me your hand to lead me

I give you my hand and my pen

The sound you make my heart stops

Your sound it makes me wonder

I'll give you the sound when my heart stops

I'll give you the sound of wonder

MAIA ASSHAQ (b. 1987) is an Iraqi born writer and artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of DittoDitto Books and the Detroit Art Book Fair. In 2015 she received the first Gilda Award for emerging writers from the Kresge Foundation. She is a 2016 Salzburg Global Forum Fellow.

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