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There was I again suctioned back

into spasms of romantic memory

It was laid clear

My inner heartland resident’s destiny was a long ass driveway

a corn-fed sort of personal brand, and tires for any occasion

One desires something beyond

$15,609.76 soldiers in march under their apse

Science is real like chevrons on the armband on yard signs in the cul-de-sac

Beyond what else?

exposed brick, food bowls, handsome children in their ruching bald privilege, the best of our country west of its milky alpine pasture, grasses, mountains, mosses, teslas, making rent in the fiefdom, and the lunatic face of my neighborhood

Beyond that?

I have become like a trained whale that performs frequently in the dark

When I left I did not look back

When I arrived I felt cold but enlivened

I’ve relied on yellow light


Dollops of rain, fidelity and time

two women power wash the church fence

wheat-pasted portrait of the chancellor

gives a look like how could I fail

and smiles like he’s got a patent on seeds

You step down the restaurant stairs

through a door into the cellar

passing wafts of clove smoke, leather

wild orchid, and gin

what heaven used to mean

when skiffs loosened

all like joshed in silent awe

And They’re all here

Chastity the wine monster, ground control, jerry dunk

A man takes off his shoes and puts his shoes on his hands and bangs on the table

Others join. Wack Wack Wack. A charismatic whistle. A shout, Reimburse me!

Gaiety has reached its carnival climax!

So when a dog-faced slouch leans into your ear and whispers

I know what today is. It’s your birthday.

Make a wish.

Consider all that has led you here

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