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Pre-orders for Katie Ebbitt's debut full-length book of poems Fecund, out summer 2024. Includes shipping. (Working cover)


Katie Ebbitt’s Fecund is a pot of abortion plants: a home where babies grow. Here, in Ebbitt’s mastery with amniotic fluidity, progression arrives from the mouth of sterility and the womb speaks its discontinued mind as if it were a minefield of neonatal constitutions. It’s a bold book, dissecting life and death and existence with a minimalistic formation that redefines bursts of loss and certainty.  Ebbitt hides birth’s paradoxes momentarily only to swiftly reveal them and then send you asunder into unborn possibilities, the kinds where you spend your entire life recovering from.  




This book forges an ornate ironwork of impossible enunciation, a weapon of crucial blasphemy. It describes uncanny and infuriating spaces where power is inseparable from the birthing body. Inside the surreal trap of the sacred, amidst the ambient violence of patriarchal time, Fecund works with the risky power of hysteria. This work is driven by an undying autonomy.


–Anne Lesley Selcer, author of Sun Cycle

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