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“Close your ears, god

I do believe our world is small despite my good size”

Oblique seductive glances at the prophet bathing in the marsh reeds


Hello Life

I am Surprising Grey

If you forgive me I’ll share my good luck with your roulette wheel

Printing scandal sheets in the cellar

Gasoline rationing, time of night

"just a making my way

through the People’s annual reader"

My niece? cutest Gypsy at the van site.

Both pills from the matrix? Ate them.















Show a piece of lemon

Cake to the baby and see how she reacts.

I’m not trying to be funny but I left home today.

I want to grow a family to you

I want to spend three weeks together

In the trimester

But you shoot at the ceiling

and can never outguess the public!

Suffering can make life seem dismal and suspicious

I used to be a hen but I loved an angel and became a peacock

I just want a beautiful girl such as yourself to sit me down & explain the rising signs to me

(End of a Raymond carver type story. One beat (paragraph break) Everything since then has been unreal. Like light on a football That old York punching me in the pants. You can't have money and you get cancer. The pot of water has two equal boils. -B Anyways, despite the hogs I believe that the song "On the French side OF a foreign planet" Is a very serious song, perhaps even tragic

In dreams, you finish the cluster at the middle Calculate your bills for the last ten years and see endless genetic code also illuminate curved-handed morons

Here we come! Universal nickname to be submitted electronically

The six-liter cauldron is ready Thanks to the militants for the opportunity to exist outside a thick shelter somehow That's interesting, where the legs (if the moon is a scam) drop from Well, citizens (spits poison) Here's what the Annapurna told me:

BALDI & SLONDO live in Black Earth, Wisconsin.

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