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BRADLEY KING grew up among farmers in Oklahoma, stayed many years in Austin TX, and currently lives in a shack on the outskirts of Silver City NM. Publishes hand-bound literature as Happy Apples Press, on the board for Cuneiform Press. Currently at work on The Friendship Inn, a book of poems, and on a couple of novellas. Most recently, has published collaborations with artists: an essay-interview with Célia Hay about her films, called Outskirts, and an anthology made with Kevin McNamee-Tweed of 130 artist and writers, called Pure Paragraphs. Forthcoming is an essay about McNamee-Tweed's art, to be published on the occasion of the artist's exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Chattanooga. Poetry publications include Slow Leaves (Abandon Press), Sentences (with Philip Trussell, Cuneiform), Literature (with Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Steve Turner Gallery), and HAY CRAIG (Happy Apples Press). Online you can find a few more of his recent poems through

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