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I invented a game for myself

I called it Barbarian

I would climb up to the window in the door and shout loudly BAAARRRRBBBAAAAAAARRIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN

There was a construction site nearby, lots of trucks

One day, after a dozen successful BARBARIANS

A driver dramatically stopped, jumped down

Ran up the walk and through the door

And committed an act of violence against me

He twisted my ear so hard that I thought of everything

I thought, I don't have earrings anymore

He dragged me through the apartment to another room

Aunt Gayya, who also committed an act of violence against me

Slashing at my sensitive asshole

Then she was feeding me lunch

Explaining slowly and in detail what would happen if Barbarian didn't stop

Ear was fucked, ass too, soup was tasteless

Aunt Gayya is a fool

MASSEY HARRIS is an auction ringman and Caterpillar diesel mechanic. His father Nathaniel wrote "The Flight of the Ray," which won PEN Australia's Fulkner Prize. He lives with his father in Sydney.

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